Fall Semester 2018

Early bird price/student: $350
Regular price/student: $375

Early bird registration for Fall Semester 2018 will open on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.
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Who should take this class?

Students ages 14+, who

  • Have successfully completed the Adult Beginner 101 and 102 class OR

  • Are already proficient with all skills taught in the Adult Beginner 101 and Beginner 102 class

* Students under 18 years old must have approval from a parent or guardian prior to enrolling.
* Students who have not previously taken the Beginner 101 and 102 class but are eligible for the Advanced class will be admitted on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire further here.

What do students learn?

  • Proper use of được, rồi/đã, đang, sẽ, chưa, mà, còn
  • Shopping and bargaining, slang, directions, colloquial responses
  • Cultural study through folk tales and short stories
  • Writing letters and postcards
  • Critically analyzing short passages and articles

Class Schedule

Each week focuses on different topics of conversation with supporting reading materials, vocabulary, and comprehension exercises. 

To review our class policies, which include information on late registration, cancellations, and refunds, please click here

Additional Details

Assessments will take the form of homework, in-class participation, and exams.

Class materials include the textbook Tiếng Việt, Vietnamese for Beginners: Volume 2 by Phan Văn Giưỡng, provided with enrollment. Students are expected to bring their own writing supplies, including paper, pencils, erasers, etc. 


Class descriptions and scheduling are subject to change.
Review our CODE OF CONDUCT, cancellation and refund policies here.


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