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Summer 2019

Meetings take place every other week for 8 weeks.
Registration for Conversation Sessions will open on June 1.


Cost to be determined in early 2019.
Must register to attend.


Who should join this club?

Anyone who is interested in

  • Learning more about Vietnamese culture through conversation
  • Practicing their Vietnamese speaking skills
  • Sharing Vietnamese culture and becoming a conversation partner

What do students learn?

  • Nuances and aspects of Vietnamese culture through dialogue
  • New vocabulary based on topics discussed
  • Improved pronunciation through practice
  • Increased comfort and confidence in speaking

Class Schedule

Each week focuses on suggested topics of conversation that may change depending on attendees. The format of each session is open-ended and discussion-based.

Additional Details

There are no assessments, assignments or class materials associated with the Conversation Sessions. Attendees may choose to bring their own note-taking materials if they so desire.


conversation SessionS description and scheduling are subject to change.


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