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July - August 2017

Meetings will take place on July 13 & 27 and August 10 & 24.
Registration for Conversation Sessions will open on June 19.

Bryant Park Indoor Meeting Space
(inside the Bank of America Tower)
One Bryant Park, 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue

Must register to attend.


Who should join this club?

Anyone who is interested in

  • Learning more about Vietnamese culture through conversation
  • Practicing their Vietnamese speaking skills
  • Sharing Vietnamese culture and becoming a conversation partner

What do students learn?

  • Nuances and aspects of Vietnamese culture through dialogue
  • New vocabulary based on topics discussed
  • Improved pronunciation through practice
  • Increased comfort and confidence in speaking

Class Schedule

Each week focuses on suggested topics of conversation that may change depending on attendees. The format of each session is open-ended and discussion-based.

Additional Details

There are no assessments, assignments or class materials associated with the Conversation Sessions. Attendees may choose to bring their own note-taking materials if they so desire.


conversation SessionS description and scheduling are subject to change.


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