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The admission price of $10 per person helps to defray costs.

FREE for children 13 and under.

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Grace Church School
86 4th Avenue, Auditorium
New York, New York 10003


Known as Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebrates the fall harvest, full moon, and well-being of friends and family.


A preview from the successful 2017 celebration! 

VHC Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, 2017

The Vietnam Heritage Center would like to thank the following volunteers and organizations for supporting this event:


Event Coordinator: Vy Vy Huỳnh
Social Media Coordinator: Nhi Linh Tran
Welcome Table: Quỳnh Đang, Uyên (Sophie) Nguyễn
Kitchen Coordinator: An Nguyễn-Danneman
Activities Coordinator: Thục-Anh Nguyễn
Face Painting Coordinator: Bình Minh Lại
Paper Lantern Making: Huy-Anh Nguyễn
Chú Cuội Performance: Eileen Nguyễn, Tony Cai, James Chen, Karolyn Lê, Calvin Lin

VSA Coordinator: Karolyn Lê, for the following Vietnamese Student Associations: Hunter College; Baruch College; SUNY Stonybrook, St. John’s University
Decorations Coordinator: Erik Lightner
VHC Pretty Fan Girls: Karolyn Lê, Thư Lê, Bình Minh Lại, Becca Nguyễn, Uyên (Sophie) Nguyễn, Marisan Yu
Photographers/Videographers: Carlos del Rosario, Ayelén Fumis, Eric Nguyễn, Thảo Tran
Musician: Jeremy Danneman
Tết Trung Thu Flyer Design: Đạt Nguyễn


THÁI SƠN, TU’S DENTAL, vietsway.com, innisfree.com, Blossom Chen, Huy Đao, Erwin Go, Wilson Jiang, Han Lam, Ben Lê, Gracie Lê, Vũ (Michael) Lê, Linh Lanh, Quang Anh Nguyễn, Thi Nguyễn, Tuấn Nguyễn, Thuấn Nguyễn, Anh Parisi, Neena Phan, Tâm Phương, Aminoor Rashid, Trang Thân, Huy-Anh Vu, Mỹ Vu, Henry Yuen, Huimin Zhao


Special thanks to BÁNH MÌ ZÒN for serving their delicious sandwiches at our event. Visit their website for 20% off your first online order and 10% off any subsequent online orders. Yum!


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About The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, called Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese, is celebrated in the fall during the full moon. It was originally held to give thanks for the harvest and to pray for good luck and prosperity in the coming year. During the festival, towns and cities in Vietnam are lit up with the soft glow of lanterns and elaborate floats parading down the streets, along with traditional lion dances and re-tellings of the legend of Chú Cuội. Moon cakes of many varieties are distributed as gifts to family and friends to signify togetherness and good will. Tết Trung Thu also has a special emphasis on children, who are believed by the Vietnamese to have the strongest connection to the sacred and natural worlds in their purity and innocence. 

 Entrance, VHC Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2016

Entrance, VHC Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2016


The Vietnam Heritage Center has celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at Thomas Paine Park in downtown NYC since 2014.  In 2017, we had the opportunity to celebrate indoors near Union Square.  We offer family-friendly cultural activities, traditional foods and performances. We also have a lantern-making activity where participants can create their own lanterns and walk in the lantern parade afterwards. 

 Lantern Parade, VHC Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2015

Lantern Parade, VHC Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2015


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VHC Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, 2016

VHC Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, 2015


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