April 6, 2019, 7:30 PM at the Loreto Theatre, New York City

As part of Carnegie Hall’s festival “Migrations: The Making of America”, the Vietnam Heritage Center shared the various manners in which traditional and modern elements are blended together, both in music and in dance. The migration of Vietnamese people brings with it a rich tapestry of culture that is celebrated in the home and within the community. Some elements have remained true to Vietnamese culture as part of the lasting identity of Vietnamese people in the United States.


Many thanks to our talented performers:

Co-MCs: Jaden Phan, Vy Vy Huỳnh; Singers: Thanh Hằng, Thái Hoàng, Phương Trinh, Hoài-Anh Nguyễn, Nikki Nguyễn; Musicians: Jason R. Nguyễn - Đàn bầu, Phan Hằng Nga & Trần Thuý Hằng - Đàn tranh, Quỳnh Nguyễn - Piano, Chương Trinh - Đàn ghi ta, Alex Nguyễn - Trumpet, Miki Yamanaka - Piano, Clovis Nicolas - Bass, Jay Sawyer - Drums; Migrations Dance Ensemble: Karolyn Lê, Rebecca Nguyễn, Bình-Minh Lại, Thư (Lily) Lê, Uyên (Sophie) Nguyễn, Marisan Yu, Kate Chen, Tyler Chen, Erwin Go, Kevin Manrique, Aminoor Rashid, Jack Wang; Miss Saigon Dance Team: Cầm Huỳnh, Ariel Yu, Yến-Vy Nguyễn, Jackie Liu, Amanda Yee, Jet Tran, Danny Nguyễn